Best Invest Stocks Dividend Ranking and 12 Promising Stocks!

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I suppose that you are thinking what kind of American stocks are good for.

I also gain financial freedom from dividends on US stocks.

This time, I would like to talk about the attractiveness of American stocks and the stocks I own.

Characteristics of dividends on American stocksIt is well known that the dividend of American stocks is high.

It is well known that US achieves high-dividend stocks. 2020/9

As shown in the table below, there are many stocks with a dividend yield of 5% or more.

Ford has a very high dividend of 8.6% and ExxonMobil of oil has a very high dividend of 9.3%.

StockDividend YieldBusiness Description
ExxonMobil9.3%Oil companies
Ford8.6%US Largest Automaker
Altria7.9%Electronic Cigarettes, Wine, Beer
AT & T7.9%US Internet and Telephone Companies
Philip Morris5.9%World’s Largest Cigarette Maker
IBM5.4%Computer-related services, consulting
Kraft Heinz5.1%General consumer goods manufacturer such as cheese and sauce
Unilever3.7%Consumer Goods Manufacturer
3M3.5%Global Chemical and Electrical Material Manufacturer

American stock dividend increase company

Dividend increase means that the dividend will increase without buying more shares.

In particular, American companies have a culture of valuing shareholders and are focusing on returning dividends.

There are many American stocks that are increasing dividends.

The changes in dividends per share are shown below.

We can see that McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Altria are on the rise.

Coca Cola1.21.31.381.461.541.59

Timing of dividend payment

The timing of dividend payment is divided into the following three groups.

It is also possible to get a monthly dividend by combining the three.

Especially in Altria, you can see that the dividend amount increased sharply last year.

January, April, July, October GroupCoca-Cola, Nike, etc.
February, May, August, November GroupApple, P & G, Hormel Foods, etc.
March, June, September, December GroupMcDonald’s, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz, etc.

Dividend ranking of more attractive famous companies

I’ve summarized the dividends of companies that you all know in a ranking format. 2020/9

The familiar Coca-Cola and Pepsi pay dividends of about 3%, which is attractive.

McDonald’s in the food service industry is also 2.3%, which cannot be overlooked.

RankCompany nameDividend yield
3Johnson & Johnson2.7%
7P & G2.3%

12 promising stocks

As Warren Buffett states, we consider best and promising stocks to be stocks of companies that permanently provide the products and services that everyone needs.

In other words, it is a consumer monopoly.

I’ve listed such companies that I think of.

(Actually, it’s a brand I own.)


  • Google (search, games, advertising, Youtube)
  • Amazon (EC, cloud, advertising)

There is no search site comparable to Google.

Even Yahoo uses Google’s search engine.

Youtube is also the same.

Everyone is no longer watching TV and is biting on Youtube.

Most Popular Websites 1996 – 2019

In Amazon, the cloud is growing at a tremendous rate.

Every company uses the Amazon cloud.

Netflix, Unilever, ANA, CANON, SONY BANK, docomo, etc. are endless.

Not only companies but also governments and public institutions have adopted it, and it is no longer functioning as an infrastructure.

Amazon also announced that it will enter the Internet communication business using artificial satellites.

As for technology, these two companies are expected to grow in the future.

Consumer goods

  • Coca-Cola (drink, coffee chain Costa)
  • Unilever (daily necessities, ice cream, knorr, lipton, dub)
  • Hershey (chocolate)
  • Kraft Heinz (ketchup, mustard, cheese, sauce)
  • Hormel Foods (Spam, Skippy)

Coca-Cola flows like a waterfall not only in fast food restaurants but also on airplanes.

In addition, Coca-Cola acquired the British coffee chain Costa with the profits obtained.

In this way, Coca-Cola is constantly growing by acquiring companies with the profits obtained.

Unilever is experiencing significant growth in emerging markets. India and Brazil are particularly strong.

Ice cream is not surprisingly known, but it has the largest share in the world.

Hershey has chocolate, Kraft Heinz has mustard and other sauces, and Hormel Foods has spam, which everyone eats all the time.

The five companies listed here provide essential consumer goods.

Restaurant Industry

  • McDonald’s (McCafé)
  • Yum Brands (Kentucky, Pizza Hut)
  • Yum China (Yam’s Chinese business)

McDonald’s and Yum! Brands are expanding worldwide, and growth is expected especially in China.

McDonald’s stores in China are expected to increase from 2500 to 4500 by 2022.

In Malaysia, McCafé is also increasing at an average rate of 50%, with 10 to 15 stores per year.

Yum! Brands has leading brands such as Kentucky, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Especially in China, the number of Kentucky stores exceeds 5,000 and is increasing at a rate of hundreds per year.

We believe that both McDonald’s and Yum! Brands are indispensable food service industries.

Biggest Fast Food Chains in the World 1970 – 2019


  • Wells Fargo (Bank)
  • Visa (credit card)

Wells Fargo is famous for its conservative banks specializing in commercial banks.

Also known as Buffett.

Operating income is always kept at 30% or more, and we are operating very stably.

Although conservative, the other day, Wells Fargo announced that the company are developing a technology to smoothly transfer money between borders with our own virtual currency.

It is expected that Wells Fargo will grow with such innovative technologies in the future.

Credit card visa boast overwhelming profit margins.

As far as I know, the profit margin is 62%, which is one of the best.

We believe that these two companies will lead the global finance business.

List of owned stocks

For example, as a familiar thing, I love Coca-Cola as a drink.

Coca-Cola after the bath is the best, and it would be difficult to change it elsewhere (maybe a little overstated, but lol).

In other words, this dependence is the consumer monopoly.

(Buffet also calls this a moat or moat because it is less susceptible to attacks from other companies.)

Without such products and services, life would be hindered.

Companies that can permanently provide the products and services that people need are important, and I think that such companies can be called consumer monopolies and best and promising stocks.

Below is a table that summarizes the stocks I actually own by category in an easy-to-understand manner.

Widely combined with technology, consumer goods, food service and finance.

(As of September 2020)

Industrial CategoryStocks
TechnologyGoogle (search, games, advertising, Youtube)
Amazon (EC, cloud, advertising)
Consumer goodsCoca-Cola (drink, coffee chain Costa)
Unilever (daily necessities, ice cream, knorr, lipton, dub)
Hershey (chocolate)
Kraft Heinz (ketchup, mustard, cheese, sauce)
Hormel Foods (Spam, Skippy)
Restaurant IndustryMcDonald’s (McCafé)
Yum Brands (Kentucky, Pizza Hut)
Yum China (Yam’s Chinese business)
FinanceWells Fargo (Bank)
Visa (credit card)

Portfolio ratio

The portfolio ratio is shown below.

“Offensive” technology accounts for about 20%, and “defensive” consumer goods, food service industry, and finance account for the remaining 80%.

We assume dividends in the defensive category (income gain) and stock price increases in the offensive category (capital gain).

McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Unilever are very attractive with a dividend of around 3%.

In the technology category, there are currently no dividends, so we keep it at around 20%.

I expect to receive dividends in the future.

So far, I have shown my actual portfolio, but unfortunately it cannot be said to be a promising stock.

Don’t take irresponsible words such as the stock price increasing 10 times on other sites, and be sure to re-investigate yourself when making a purchase and purchase at your own risk.