stock information websites

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You are looking for site that provide stock information.

I will introduce sites that you can get the stock information easily.


Bloogberg has sites in the US, Japan, Europe, Asia and Africa, but I’m looking at Japanese sites.

You can get information on US companies and companies around the world as well as information on the world.

In particular, you can quickly get the news of Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, and Google.

It is also possible to obtain information such as why the stock price went up or down for individual stocks.

It’s packed with economic information and is very helpful in making US stock decisions.


Reuters can also get global economic information.

You can check it from Market ⇒ Money News on the upper left.

I think it’s a little less informative than Bloomberg, but it’s a good idea to check it out.


With finviz, you can use map information and screening functions that you can see at a glance.

What is map information? As shown below, you can see at a glance the increase or decrease in stock prices in any sector or stock.

Green indicates a rise in stock prices, and red indicates a decrease in stock prices.

For example, Amazon AMZN is 0.65% plus.

As shown below, the screening function allows you to narrow down the stocks you want by using numerical values ​​such as dividends such as Dividend and PER.

Below is an example of a dividend. Country selects USA.

Dividend Devidend is 3% or more If you select the Financial tab, the following screen will appear.

In this way, it is easy to find US stocks with a dividend rate of 3% or more.


US stock Investor Presentations are hard to find, but you can easily find them on this site.

You can see Investor Presentations of about 500 companies.

You can easily see it by selecting the company you want to see from Select Company.

Below is an example of McDonald’s.

Yahoo Finance

I will introduce it because I sometimes see sales and operating income.

We can see revenue of the company easily.

You can see basic information such as PER and EPS, and you can also see individual news.