Coca-Cola Stock Price Acquisition of British Coffee Chain Store Costa!

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Coca-Cola Stock Price Acquisition of British Coffee Chain Store Costa!

The changes in the Coca-Cola stock price are shown below.

Is there anything you notice when you look at this chart?

That’s right. Coca-Cola’s stock price is rising overall, rising and falling every few months.

It’s very strange.

I expected the Coca-Cola stock price to fall from March to April.

And when the stock price fell as expected, I bought a lot more.

It’s often said that stock prices fall as demand falls before the cold winter, but this logic doesn’t apply.

I think the stock price will continue to be low, so I will buy more.

Profit and Future for Coca-Cola

Below are the sales and profits of Coca-Cola.

Sales are down until 2018, but that’s okay because Coca cola company separated the bottler company.

Both sales profits are on the rise.

The operation margin is good at 20%.

The PE is 28, which is a little overheated.

Operation Margin20%

Coca-Cola has acquired a British coffee chain store called Costa.

Although it is a coffee chain store with 2467 stores in the United Kingdom, it has expanded worldwide, and has already opened 459 stores in China and 150 stores in the United Arab Emirates.

As a result, Coca-Cola increased by 6% in terms of sales as shown below.

With the profits earned from Coca-Cola, you buy a good company, and the company itself grows, and the profit grows even bigger.

Non-alcoholic beverages (NARTD) are expected to increase by 4.4%.

This is a high growth rate compared to snacks, packaged foods, detergents and household products.

You say that Coca-Cola has a higher growth rate than companies such as Pepsi and P&G.

In particular, the growth rate of energy drinks is the highest at 7-8%.

Others have a growth rate of about 4%.

Growth is expected in China and India.

In the future, sales are expected to increase by about 300 billion yen including China and India.